Owing to repeatedly noticing a rejectable defects (Axle guide flange grazing with outer face of wheel disc) during pre-examination of some coaches, a  study iwas carried out to  prevention of  Axle Box Canting & Wheel Grazing.  IDENTIFIED PROBLEM: The clearance between the axle guide flange and adjacent wheel disc outer (Non […]

Axle Box Canting & Wheel Grazing

Brake Binding in Coaching stockWhenever brake block grips the wheel with excessive braking force, it is termed as brake binding. It is the burning problem of the day in all types of rolling stock. Repercussions of brake binding in operation are as under:- Detention to trains causing loss of punctuality […]

Brake Binding in Passenger coaching stock in Indian Railways

EMU is the main mode of travel in suburban cities like Mumbai which has a limited space and spread in a linear manner from south to north upto 120 Km unlike other cities in India where the geographical spread is more uniform. Further Mumbai is a land locked city surrounded […]

Drawings of DC EMU Suburban Trains of India

The integral shell is made of a framework  of series of hoops, consisting of floor crossbeams, body side pillars and roof carlines located transversely at regular intervals, to suit door and window openings . These hoops are connected together by sole bars, waist rails, light rails, cant rails and carlines longitudinally. This frame work is  sheathed all […]

ICF passenger coach body details

Primary Suspension Primary suspension is implemented by two units  of Nested Helical coil springs (internal (4) and external (5)) laid out on the control arm upper part (13) by a centering disk (8) and adjustment shims (if required). The suspension is also completed by the following components:  A control arm (13), fitted […]

Suspension System of LHB Coaches

Types of water tanks: in LHB Passenger Coaches Type Capacity Length Diameter Material  Location Type I 685 2760 591 Stainless steel under frame Passenger coaches. Type II 450 2037 591 Stainless steel Underframe Generator Car Type III 30 927 220 Stainless steel  Roof Auxilary Water tank assembly LH as per […]

Water Tanks in Passenger Coaches

Bengal Nagpur Railway Class F – 0-6-0 Class GM – 2-6-0. Probably modified. BNR class HSG – 2-8-0+0-8-2 Garratt homed at Bengal Nagpur Railway (BNR) now Eastern Railway and South-Eastern Railway. First successful Garratts in India. Class M – 4-6-2. Probably modified. BNR class N – 4-8-0+0-8-4 Garratt. Largest locomotive […]

Steam Locomotives in India

FREIGHT STOCK Rolling stock used exclusively for transport of goods is termed as freight stock. Freight Stock are  broadly classified either according to their undergear or according to utility. Classification according to under gear: Four wheeler Bogie wagons At present only Brake van is in service, other 4 wheeler wagons […]

Freight Wagons of India

Buffer height of a coach under its tare condition should be as under:- Maximum height from rail level Minimum height from rail level Production Unit 1105 1095 Workshops 1105  1090 Buffer height of a coach should be measured under its tare condition from the top of the rail on a […]

Buffer Height Adjustment

On receipt of a coach for POH, it must be taken on Lifting line/ Stripping line where electrical fittings should be stripped and batteries removed. Furnishings, especially seats and backrests should be inspected thoroughly and only those that require repairs or attention should be removed. Before lifting a coach, the […]

Lifting of ICF Coach Body

The HTSC (high traction/speed-three axle) bogie assembly, and HTSC-B1 (high traction/speed-three axle, two traction motor/one idler axle) bogie assembly,  support the weight of the locomotive and provide the means for transmission of power to the rails. The HTSC series truck is applied to AC transmission locomotives used in freight service, […]

EMD Locomotives HTSC Bogie